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Welcome to Gosnell Photography.  My name is Adam H. Gosnell, and I look forward to the possibilities that we can share through photography.  It's hard to believe, but I've been teaching creative high school photography for 15 years now.  By far, my experience as a mentor for my students has been among my most rewarding of life achievements.  When it comes to accomplishments, photos speak for themselves, and I am so proud of my past and present students  and all of their photos.  Just think of how many photos each of us will take over our lifetime.  Why not make them amazing?

As mentioned at the top of my main page, I currently specialize in portraits, weddings, and lessons, but I am also able to accommodate many other photography needs, as I am extremely knowledgeable about everything photography.

Concerning portraits, I love taking family, baby, children, pet, online profile, high school dance, and senior portraits.  I am the second oldest of a dozen plus cousins.  Plus, during my 10 years of teaching swim lessons at the Enumclaw swimming pool, I taught every level of swim lessons possible, including Parent-Tot where the parents get in the water with their adorable babies.  Both of these experiences, as well as my K-12 art education degree, speak to my ability to work well with children and people of all ages.

Lessons are my other passion.  I am excited thinking about the differences we can make together in your photo taking for the rest of your life.  While I can and will teach you the basics of how to use your camera, I can also teach you the lifetime photography skills of composition and creative control that will allow you to perfect your own photography abilities.  I also provide a tiered lesson format, which allows me to tailor the lessons to exactly your needs, whether it is a basic introductory lesson, a photography journey spanning multiple lessons, or eventually graduating to advanced photo skills.

Finally there is wedding photography, and this my "deep breath, this is what life is about" photography.  I'll be loading my wedding photos onto the website in the near future so please check back every so often to see updates.

Concerning pricing for any type of photography including those listed above please email me at gosnellphotography@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you :)

Adam H. Gosnell

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